X05 Cream

By Glow With Tabi

$67.00 $104.00

This enriching and nourishing cream which is combined with Vitamin E and a liquid crystal stabilizer works naturally and effectively in locating and completely healing minor imperfections. Not only is the skin imbued with new life and vitality, it also brings about a shinier, brighter complexion that is both smooth and velvety.

The anti-aging ingredients used show innovation resulting in skin that is younger, clearer, and fresher. This novel and state-of-the-art double-layer capsule contains peptides which will identify and intentionally aim Fibroblasts into the skin, thus motivating the production of collagen and elastin which dramatically help to combat anti-aging.

The hydrating micro-elements allow the skin to be completely moisturized while supplying it with essential minerals as they are gradually being released onto the skin. Its ultimate effect is skin which is completely moisturized over an extended period of time.

Vitamin E supplies the skin with effective antioxidants which protect the skin while combating anti-aging and simultaneously protecting cells from external natural aggressive elements.

As the different properties of the liquid crystals derived from olive oil are very similar to the natural make up of our skin, they are completely combined into the epidermal layer, thereby reinforcing its natural state. The crystals also help in significantly improving hydration to the skin as it helps in its thorough application throughout the face. The result is a complexion that is both soft and velvety to the touch.

                  This important fatty acid mix plays an essential role in bringing about a strong skin barrier that protects the skin from trans-epidermal loss of moisture. This results in better skin suppleness and texture. The fatty acids also ensure that the skin remains soft, smooth, and silky as it is safeguarded from harsh natural skin-damaging external aggressions.