Perfume 558 - Forever

By Glow With Tabi


It is certainly true that perfumes is a sensory pleasure, but with our Hyaluro-Perfume line of emulsified fragrances. It also becomes a beneficial agent for the care and health of your skin. Here is a range of delightful perfumes which also helps you grow in beauty. This special formula is free from alcohol but rich in hyaluronic acid. A basic element for the skin and essential to prevent the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines.
The perfumes has a wonderful, lingering aroma to the shin, but also give it softness and vibrancy. The collection of fragrances, ranging from the sweetest scents to fruity, spicy essences, which can satisfy the tastes of every woman and man and be chosen to suit any mood.

Perfume emulsion without alcohol formulated with hyaluronic acid that provides a moisturizing action.
Leaves the skin silky, soft and beautifully perfumed.
Spray on skin and massage until complete absorption.