X01 Cleansing Foam

By Glow With Tabi

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As the different properties of the liquid crystals derived from olive oil are very similar to the natural make up of our skin, they are completely combined into the epidermal layer, thereby reinforcing its natural state. The crystals also help in significantly improving hydration to the skin as it helps in its thorough application throughout the face. The result is a complexion that is both soft and velvety to the touch.

The fruit acids in our facial cleanser delicately work towards achieving refined skin cleansing as well as moisturizing it. This double action product caters to the fine details of the skin equilibrium without any reliance on harmful surfactants. Your journey to a softer, smoother and more radiant skin starts with our anti-aging cleanser, preparing it for the application of other products which work in tandem to give you the desired results.

Ultra Mild Surfactants: Clinically approved with high levels of skin compatibility, the ultra-mild surfactants in our product gently wipe the skin, leaving it with a velvety texture.

The Moisturizing Micro-Ingredients are micro-sized particles that ensure a regulated release of minerals and moisture that combine to ensure a sustained moisturizing effect.

           The Ginseng Extract contributes to the essential three-tiered effects of toning, stimulation and revitalization.

           Synergic Complex: This compound of highly effective acids (lactic, glycolic, tartaric and malic) expedites the production of cells that will add to the essential skin layers. The skin feels renovated after boosting vital hydration and improving collagen related elasticity.